ink and other things!

In 2010 the right-leaning Dutch government decided to stop funding

cultural institutions including museums. Despite this, tattoo legend Henk 

“Hanky Panky” Schiffmacher decides to open a twenty thousand square foot

tattoo museum in the centre of Amsterdam, to celebrate the

history and culture of tattooing across the globe.


Will he manage to get the funding? And will he be able to empty his house,

packed with forty years’ worth of tattoo artefacts from around the


Ink and other things


A documentary about a man and his dream....

Ink and other things
  1. Dreams

  2. Goals

  3. Mission

  4. passion

  5. Tattoo

  6. people

Ink and other things!

Henk Schiffmacher

Jeannette Seret

Annemarie Beers

Almar Seinen

Louise van Teylingen

Armand Jennekens


Frans Mouws


Angelique Fierens


Frans Mouws

First Edit

Angelique Fierens

Frans Mouws

Second Edit

Silvia Bromet

Salvador Rooijmans

Sound and Grip

Angelique Fierens

Rini van Solingen

Tonie van de Wetering

Antos Zimmerman

Motion Graphics

Salvador Rooijmans

Second camera

Sebastiaan Lamberts

Remco de Vries

Audio mastering

Studio Make


Ben Allison

Special thanks to

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

Foske Rozeboom

Garrelt Verhoeven

Redmond O’Hanlon

Marco de Jong

Artis Bibliotheek

Reinwardt Academie

Meertens Instituut

Silvia Bromet

Alexander Smith

Dutch Media Design

Paul Rogers

Tattoo Research Center

based on an idea of:

Frans Mouws

Almar Seinen

produced by:

Hatsiekiedee TV